There are a few taboo topics in our scene, one of them being “ghost-producing”. Often thrown around, there are very few instances where the accusations are founded on proof. But in this case we present to you some hard evidence. In a recent interview with inthemix, the newly crowned number 1 DJ in the world, Dutch superstar Hardwell, admits to having ghost produced a Beatport Top 10.

“The funny thing is that nobody knows I have a current Beatport Top Ten hit with a track not under my name, a track that I ghost-produced, and nobody’s noticing it. But if people listen closely to the top ten, for sure they’re gonna hear which track it is.”

The artist then goes on to detail his opinion on the whole matter stating that he’s actually fine with ghost-producing.

“I’m fine with ghost-producing, but then again I don’t like it when…if you’re not producing your own tracks then just be honest, say ‘you know what, I’m a good DJ but I can’t produce my own songs, I got help,’ I think that’s fair. Because honestly, you can hear it, because every single track sounds totally different. Everybody knows in the scene who works with ghost-producers”

Let us know in the comment section below your thoughts on the whole matter. We also challenge you to find this mysterious top 10 that Hardwell ghost produced.

UPDATE: Revealed Recordings just tweeted that the track is no longer in the top 10 and that it’s actually not on Hardwell’s label. The hunt continues…

Source: inthemix