“We make music, fuck a genre.” A wondrous introduction in the About Me section of the French musicians’ Facebook page. There’s no doubt that releasing on Skrillex’s imprint label OWSLA, is nearly synonymous with a disregard of playing within the confines of the box that is “mainstream EDM”. Such is the case with Lémuel & Nicolas, better known as ALESIA and their five-track release, Andrea EP. Having released a dark, lust-inducing video (with ghosts),  for the title track Andrea, the totality of the EP is accurately depicted within the video,

While containing trace amounts of Techno, ALESIA has managed to amalgamate subtleties from Acid House as well as other pioneering genres to create their own, signature structure and sound. One of the more interesting aspects of the music is the amount of dark, and dare I say, evil-sounding creations that contain such tenacity, it’s palpable. Whether it be the goosebumps on the forearms or the random body shiver, ALESIA has mastered the art of creating emotion-inducing music.

You can hear the EP below, and pick up a copy here.