Goa has grown immensely to be not only a enormous trance family, but now a state that is hosting VH1’s Supersonic Music Festival. Forget the usual three day routine because this festival is going for a full five days, December 26-30, promising fans the time of their lives as they bask in the tropical climate of Goa. It’s been organized by the brilliant mind of Nikhil Chinapa along with Viacom 18 (the media titan owning MTV and VH1). A few months back, Chinapa provided his thoughts on the festival to Rolling Stone:

[What] Viacom is doing will go far beyond DJs and music. Creating experiences and curating a soundscape (rather than booking flashy DJs) is what my aim is. Fans who have a real passion for music will understand this.”

A few of the headliners include Above and Beyond, Ferry Corsten, Hard Rock Sofa, and BT, as well as supporting acts from local DJ’s. More artists are to come but with the emphasis on a smaller lineup, there will be longer DJ sets, something I think is a fantastic idea. Not only will this remove that commercialized feel from the festival, where hundreds of superstar DJ’s play a mere one hour set, but will make the experience all the more intimate for fans with their favorite artists, making Goa a place people will find a connection with. If it does well this year, this festival could potentially see itself traveling all over the globe.

Tickets are priced encouraging people to buy in groups and also be aware that the prices are in rubiess, not the American dollar. This is a festival you do not want to miss out on so head on over to their site and grab your tickets here!

VH1 Supersonic Festival