Party Ghost, a California-based bass music producer, has teamed up with his friend Spock to bring us “Waiting,” an intensely melodic dubstep tune. In a recent post on Facebook, Party Ghost mentioned that his future productions would revolve around melody and emotion, rather than filthy basslines: “It’s not about how filthy the bass is or how hard the song could be. The melody and vibe, well at least for me will always mean more. A lot of my newer stuff, I’m trying to convey something more meaningful then just some disposable club track.” This is exactly what “Waiting” offers.

The song starts out with a simplistic intro that build up to Spock’s catchy vocals, leading to a melody-ridden build up and drop. The track offers a unique, upbeat feel with intensely uplifting vibes. Check it out down below and be sure to grab your free copy.