After releasing “Tsunami” and “Stampede” with DVBBS, both of which hit Beatport Top 100 charts, Bourgeous is back with another encompassing progressive house track. Titled “Invincible,” it is a must-listen for followers of Spinnin’ Records.

The melodic young woman’s voice attracts one’s ear to the speaker. “We are Invincible” is the catch phrase of the track, and it compliments the other musical elements. The euphoric lead serves as a first step, leading to an ear-pleasing climax.

The videography of the track is also something to be noted. Filming the adventure of these two beautiful women, it really brings the “invincible” out to the listeners.

Although fairly new to the electronic music scene, Bourgeous proves his skills with these last three great releases. The track will be be available on January 20, but it  can be pre-ordered on iTunes right now.

Progressive house fans will not be disappointed, so please take a listen!