Alright EDM fans, it’s that time of week again, where the blogosphere blows up with the prospect of a potential scandal. This time the internet machine has churned out a supposed photograph of a ghost production agreement between Maarten Vorwerk and DVBSS and Borgeous via Electrokill Media.

Well, before you get your pitchforks and torches out… the photo and contract have been confirmed to be fake. We spoke to Josh Herman who manages DVBBS and Borgeous and he stated that none of the above parties have ever spoken to Maarten. Josh also confirmed that the purported signature on the document is not his own.

We’ve seen ghost production contracts before and let’s just say they are incredibly lengthy and comprehensive. This photo does not show a lengthy document, but rather what appears to be a hastily pieced together google doc. We were initially very suspicious of the document’s integrity, and we believe our suspicions have been fully confirmed.

We agree with Herman that this is a case of someone on the internet with too much time on their hands who took a cheap shot in the hopes of driving viewership. The pieces are all here to make a sensational story, but quite frankly this is a simple example of someone playing on rumors to create something mildly believable (especially if you have bought into the industry wide allegations of ghost production, which are dropped daily). We pride ourselves on our integrity, so it’s frustrating and shameful to see these sort of things directed at young artists.

Let’s put this one to rest. The contract is fake. Ghost production happens, but not in this case.