Toronto-based producer Dabin is one of the most promising rising stars in the bass music scene and his remix of “Wonder” by Adventure Club that debuted on UKF Dubstep earlier today is further proof of that. The intro features a series of subtle wobbles and spacey synths that lull you into a dreamlike soundscape right before smacking you in the face with a heavy dose of bass.

My favorite thing about Dabin‘s productions is his insane ability to expertly weave epic melodies into a barrage of masterfully crafted basslines that makes for some of the most dynamic and hard-hitting productions in recent memory; his remix of “Wonder,” which manages to maintain the feel of the original while keeping things feeling nice and fresh, is no different. Be on the lookout for this remix coming out on Adventure Club’s “Calling All Heroes Pt. 1 Remixes EP” in March.

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