For this week, I have not one, but two delicious Deep House selections which made the cut on this week’s Sunrise Sessions, due to the fact that both of these fantastic pieces come hand and hand within one, convenient package. As one of Progressive’s highest respected pioneers, Shingo Nakamura is arguably one of the true masters of the scene, as each and every work presents itself as a true testament to the blissful sounds of Progressive. However, he’s been applying the last couple of years towards broadening his musical horizons by testing the deeper waters of Progressive, as well as experimenting with more Uplifting material. As a result of his outstanding, world class caliber, he recently attracted the management of Silk Music, who asked for his expertise in order to compile their next label showcase compilation entitled Only Silk 02. He already smashed it when he compiled the Only Silk 01 series, and it was only natural to ask for his talents once again. While the ‘Digital Selections‘ are a separate release from the actual compilation, it is formatted as a little taste of what to expect from the full release when it comes out in 2014. Within these four vastly different productions, Shingo presents us with a darker, more mature sound that capitalizes on his arduous, successful career.



Toby Hedges- Images (Dan Sieg Dark Images Remix)


First up, we have a lusciously dark and mysterious mix from Australian Progressive prodigy, Dan Sieg. We here at Your EDM have covered his work before when he teamed up with Sam Wilkinson to form the power duo, Dan & Sam, with their genre shattering single entitled An Interesting Dream. However, his solo alias allows him to be more adventurous in building complex catacombs of various sound designs and in exploring different variations and tones of underutilized character expressions. Toby Hedges‘ Original Mix consisted of a peak time cut that shimmered with unrelenting beauty and dazzling sparkles of juicy Progressive might. Dan Sieg extends a completely different interpretation with his Dark Images mix, which aims to offer a chilling alternative to the Original. The brooding bassline patiently bids its time in the shadow as smooth, velvety pads and whining, melodic sirens adds thorny layers of deep expression, worrying tension and tragically beautiful suspense. The addition of lukewarm pan flutes and quirky bells adds a certain charm towards the vast intricacy of the orchestration and one might hear faint influences by Keyworth or Andrew Bayer. Finally, the sounds of reverbed amplifiers slowly unravels the ribbon bow apart with a moody, minimalistic bassline that vastly contrasts the astonishingly elaborate breakdown.



Lessov- Bleyban (Shingo Nakamura Remix)


The second half of our coverage focuses on one of Shingo Nakamura‘s personal works with his remix to Lessov‘s single, Bleyban. The Original was a notable piece of great significance to Lessov, as he states that, “[This piece was] dedicated to water spirits and to my childhood. A track about being lost in a fantasy world that you aspire to live in to escape the one you’re already a part of. A track about letting your mind wander and to let it be open to any imaginative reality that could be conceived.Shingo has taken the Original and added his own personal touch whilst exploring a newer, more radical Deep House sound than ever before. His breakdown is breathtaking to say the least, as the wondrous combination of aesthetic textures, (such as graceful piano, airy pads, pristine percussion and Progressive Tribal ostinatos), enriches the mind with engaging and academic charms in a manner that only a true craftsman can properly articulate. Instantly, the exotic and unusual bassline adds a murky, industrial tone throughout the release and its sudden shift in style really showcases the risks that he’s willing to take. However, the gorgeously subtle pads and intriguing percussion instrumentation keep him firmly rooted within his classic sound and still maintains that sense of individuality that has purveyed throughout his productions.



The Dan Sieg remix of Toby HedgesImages and Shingo Nakamura‘s remix of Lessov‘s Bleyban are now available on Beatport via Silk Digital Records, so go out and grab these tasty releases today. Also make sure to check out the rest of the sampler, as it features a lovely vocal remix of SNR & Rikkaz‘s collaboration, Beautiful Change by Arthur Deep and a dreamy new single by Asten entitled Ancient Future.


Keep the music alive. -Q




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