UK-based producer Phonat is back with a brand new EP titled “Never.” In the EP, Phonat seamlessly fuses countless genres together, making a truly unique work of art. The Never EP includes four tunes, two originals and two subsequent remixes of the title track. The title track of the EP, “Never,” is a 70′s-style inspired glitch-hop track that features some retro-style guitar and a “raw, yet smooth” funk vocal sample.

“Never is a song that I’ve been working on for very long time because it is very precious to me. It’s about those meaningful and defining moments you’ve experienced that you’re trying hard to recreate. The irrational and impossible desire of human beings to rewind as opposed to looking forward, which only produces nostalgia.”

Never” is followed by “Phase To Face,” which showcases Phonat’s unique and futuristic glitch-hop style, featuring some awesome sound design and creative vocal work. Also featured in the EP are two remixes of Never; one by producers Asa and Sorrow, who deliver a smooth glitch-hop remix, and the other by Icarus, who hits us with a more laid-back summer time tune, featuring a more “mainstream” approach whilst sticking to the original’s groovy feel. It’s an awesome EP overall, and is definitely going to be a big one for Phonat. Check it out below, and be sure to grab your copy from Beatport or iTunes.

Purchase: iTunes, Beatport