Alright guys, I’m coming out of my cave of apathy to talk a little about what is wrong here. I can’t say that KSHMR‘s “Megalodon” has prompted it; I think it has been a long time coming. Before we get into this, I must say a few things:

1. Yes, I have posted big room before. From DVBBS to artists you haven’t heard of.
2. I’ve honestly probably posted something “worse” than this, but in doing so you can tell which one’s I am apathetic towards for big producers and with smaller producers, I like to get them out in the open (and honestly, a lot of fans respond well to both).
3. You may ask why I don’t just not post it. There are multiple reasons, namely the one stated above in parenthesis.
4. Big Room isn’t bad. People have made it bad. And before “Big Room” was what we think of it, the style was totally different.

Now, a point I think that is all on our minds is monotony; or formula, depending on how you look at it. I hate to say it, but all music is a formula. It’s just whether or not you re-use something (or create a new formula) and how blatantly you do it. Even to the most unique song ever created, it has its own formula. It works for some reason, and when something works people latch on. Well that has obviously been the case with fans AND producers alike with regards to big room. It has prompted almost nearly a whole year of the same formula. Have a listen, then continue with me.

There are a lot of genres that “sound the same” to an untrained ear and even to a trained ear that can be the case. But, I’d have to say with big room it is a little different. The tracks sound too similar; you always know what to expect and there is a vast range of artist putting out the genre which doesn’t help anyone. These same producers are playing the same tracks at the same festivals and it’s all coming to a point where something needs to happen. Take for instance this track you just heard; how many times have you heard even just the sample that’s used for the melody in the chorus, let alone the song structure and arrangement?

I’m not talking down to anyone who makes big room or has. Even with a formula, music can still be difficult to come up with. I produce myself, so I know of the issues and hardships that must be dealt with. But really? Why are big name producers all putting out generic garbage? They are supposed to have experience and guide amateur producers to make good music, whatever that may be. There will always be trends, but prior to big room whatever the trend was let people breathe. There was room and a market for other things to manifest and flourish. Now everybody wants the same shit and it’s causing people to go down a road that is not sustainable.

I’ve seen genres die. I’ve seen genres come and go. I’ve seen genres never make it. But I have never seen something so potent and destructive as what I have seen over the past year. That’s not to say the scene as a whole is completely shattered. There are plenty of good tunes out there being pushed and it makes me all tingly inside to see where some acts are taking dance music. Even if you decide to make something “generic” I think there is a way to do that you can pull it off. BUT, you have to pull it off. Whether it’s putting a little spin on it, making it your own or just straight up out-doing the other tracks in the genre. People aren’t even trying to pull it off anymore and I think that’s one point that doesn’t usually get expressed.