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Fedde Le Grand‘s track with DI-RECT, just received its remix treatment! With names like Bakermat, Henry Fong, Holl & Lush, Jochen Miller and Zomboy, you really can’t go wrong!


My favorite is Zomboy‘s dubstep remix, which makes me headbang non-stop. Straight dirty, it really stands out from the other ones.

On the house corner, Jochen Miller‘s version is the most melodic.The vocals blend in with the drop, to a straight progressive track.

If electro is your cup of tea, then check out the Holl & Lush remix. The carefully refined bassline accompanies the massive electro drop.

The Bakermat remix is by far the grooviest. Deep house vibe, with punchy snares, give a chill sensation to the listener.

Lastly, Henry Fong‘s version differs with its unique lead. The beat has more distinguished drums than all the others.

If you have not heard the original version, you can check it here.