Vonzie has been a mainstay here at Your EDM and if you don’t know why already, then you are going to find out. We have another premiere from Sean, who hopped on Martin Garrix and Fireabeatz “Helicopter” to fly that baby to the traphouse. Don’t expect the same melody thrown into a cut time 808 pattern, because Vonzie makes this one his own despite it being a remix. Especially at the second drop where the original synth is largely replaced by a foreshadowed sample that I just can’t get over. That whole chorus section is straight fire. But you have 2:17 seconds before you even get to that, so we better get you playing the song soon. Last thing I have to say is the usage of the “Face Down” sample is too perfect, because Vonzie does “Helicopter” dirty, in a good way, of course. Grab the free download and you can be on your way!

Free Download