Yesterday, the 19 year old Hollywood-based music producer Revoke released his brand new EP titled “Daybreak,” and it’s nothing less than perfect. The EP was released on Candyland’s label Sweet Shop Records and features two tunes: “Daybreak” and “My World.”

The title track is an extremely heavy face-melting dubstep tune that will undoubtedly leave you in a state of awe at the creative genius that is Revoke. It features some amazing synth work and high quality production; it’s dark, crunchy, and grimy, in all the right ways. The second track of the EP “My World” is an awesome mixture of trap and drum & bass. It features a soaring plucky melody that takes you through the tune, immersing you in a delightfully dark journey of trap and bass. The tune is a diverse blend of different styles and surely has something for everyone.

Check out the EP down below, and be sure to grab your copy from Beatport.

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