Deadmau5 was recently interviewed by InTheMix where he admitted to being the secretive testpilot project, who released “Sunspot (White Space Conflict)” earlier this month. Joel said he knew people would figure it out quickly, and quickly they did. Trying something different is what he aimed to do with testpilot; the producer also conceded, “I do have aliases and I do put out music in those channels.”

The diversity he is instilling in himself also correlates to his next statement, being that he thinks “EDM all sounds the same to me.” Although I’m not exactly sure what constitutes “EDM” in his perspective, the principle that we are dealing with is indeed present to some degree. testpilot allowed Joel to try something different without restraint and he urges other producers to do the same. I doubt he meant to quote Nike, but his command was “Just Do It.”

For more information head over to InTheMix where Joel reveals a few more details regarding the points covered in this article.

Source: In The Mix