It has been quite entertaining to watch trap music fester within the underbelly of Atlanta for so many years only to see it explode on to the national stage, but the incredible sounds we’ve been hearing out of Australia and Paris, France have proven that trap is now a world wide genre. One of the most notable acts leading the way for Parisian trap is a trio of talented performers known as ƒlechette. The act consists of brothers Andy-Lou & Josh Torrent, as well as the face of the group, MC ƒlechette Torrent.

Following up on the widely successful original “Bones,” ƒlechette is back with another huge Persian influenced twerk tune entitled “Caravan.” The track utilizes unique percussive sample selection and a diverse range of beats that move between moombah style, twerk, and half time. Their productions speak volumes on the potential for this artistic group to make a huge impact on dance floors in 2014, so familiarize yourself now with the rising virtuosos known as ƒlechette.