As one of the most prolific Trance producers in the world, Germany’s Alex M.O.R.P.H. remains a dominant figurehead in representing Trance in its purest forms. Within the last six months, his production level has skyrocketed to unimaginable heights as he seeks to solidify his position as a leading contender of Trance. Throughout the years, he has emerged as a rare artist who distinctly bridges the gap between Trance and Uplifting with remarkable form. He has wowed audiences with his singles of An Angel’s Love, Dreams and My Heaven, which is set to be featured in Armin van Buuren‘s A State Of Trance 2014 compilation. Additionally, his Uplifting works have been championed by Aly & Fila, Jorn van Deynhoven and Giuseppe Ottaviani with recent remixes to Roman Messer‘s Frozen and Extravagance SL‘s Brera. Now, he teams up with long time friend and co-founder of the legendary HeavensGate event brand, Woody van Eyden, to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a brand new collaboration entitled A Night Outside. We covered Eyden before with his recent stellar single, Saripadanisa, on FSOE Recordings and has been a consistent, behind-the-scenes force throughout the last several years. Their previous singles of I See You and Heavenly blew away Trance enthusiasts with its spellbinding chord textures and harmonic complexity and their production chemistry flows with inspirational ideas. However, A Night Outside has proven that the combined talents of Alex M.O.R.P.H. and Woody van Eyden can become an essential asset towards a new golden age of Trance music.

Ed note: Apologies for the DJ talking over the track at times, it’s the only preview that’s available online.


A Night Outside begins with dense, commanding basslines laying down a solid, foundational structure while emerging sounds such as cutting-edge ostinatos, faint vocal timbres and streaming pads are carefully and delicately positioned for balance and textual affinity. Every single sound wonderfully mesh together like a finely woven basket and the precision and execution of the entire layout rivals the technical work found with Giuseppe Ottaviani and Lange. The breakdown is gestured by a gorgeous piano riff as a medley of cascading instruments slowly and confidently slow down the drive with a key emphasis on natural, long term phrasal transitions. Thick, angelic strings gently wash over the soul as unusual, exhilarating chord changes aim to break away traditional practices into creative parts unknown. The sheer balance of the strings, (and calm, collected nature), allows the contrasting piano melody to establish a clear objective of emotional fortitude in terms of melody and color variations. This piece is crafted with such invigorating imagination that the entire construct of the piece seems to meld unlimited color complexities with the ingenuity, (and unpredictability), of the human mind. As stated before, their focus is on masterfully drawn out transitions, and the buildup towards the release is flawlessly executed into its maximum potential. The release itself is honestly one of the best Trance melodies of 2014 and with so many artists tailoring their sound to a specific brand or trend, we can still depend on Alex M.O.R.P.H. and Woody van Eyden to guide Trance towards its fullest capabilities. And who knows? With the way that these two have been lately, they might be able to represent a new movement of die hard fans who champion the true nature of Trance music.

This track was already released in a radio edit on Fenology Records as part of the HeavensGate Volume 3 compilation, but now, you can grab the full Original soon for your sets and personal libraries. Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Woody van Eyden‘s collaboration, A Night Outside, will be available this Thursday on Vandit via Beatport, so make sure you mark this stunning release in your calendars.


Keep the music alive. -Q