Finland’s own Ninth Floor has something special for the Your EDM viewers today with the premiere of his EP, Half Human, Half Panda, that is being released tomorrow on Subterra Records. Five delectable treats await your eager ears in this streamable preview that will have you anticipating a Tuesday like never before in your life. Even if you are not ready for a dance craze, you are going to have one once these fresh house beats are roaming through the air. To hear music this good from a young producer like Ninth Floor is inspiring; each of these originals is quite amazing.

Starting things off with “Sushi” is never a bad thing; the Melbourne single bounces you into the musical frenzy with it’s pressing kick and iconically modulated vocal synth work. Next, “Kamikaze” dives in with a barrage of sounds and a whole lot of energy that persists even through the bpm change to the midtempo range. Turning the lights down for a bit on the EP is “You.” Easily the chillest piece of the project, this single leaves you feeling like you are riding off into a cosmic sunset with a smile on your face and some pep in your step. At this point the stage has been set perfectly for two versions of “Taoti” that will rock your world. The original mix sports a very raw electro sound while the VIP leans more towards the the style “Sushi” depicts. Both freakin’ kick ass though; they are each dancefloor catalysts.

Ninth Floor‘s Half Human, Half Panda will be available in full tomorrow, so be back here for the link that will let you keep this extraordinary EP for yourself.