The Prototypes are about to embark on a US/Canada tour so we thought it only right to grab a quick chat with them before they began their run of shows. They also very kindly furnished us with a previously unreleased bootleg of Adele’s ‘Set Fire to the Rain’, which you can grab as a free download below. The Prototypes are in the midst of a very exciting period – having signed to Viper Recordings in the latter half of 2013, their recent ‘Pale Blue Dot’ gathered a wealth of praise from DJs and fans alike and remained top of the Beatport chart for numerous weeks. The UK-based drum and bass duo bring their high energy and polished production overseas ahead of their debut LP ‘City of Gold’, which will drop later this summer.

Firstly, we can’t get enough of Pale Blue Dot! Did that take you a while to get to that finished version or was it quite a quick track to write?

Pale Blue Dot was an idea we had down for a while but never quite managed to finish it off. We found the Carl Sagan sample and then it all just came together.

 How has the process of writing an album been? Do you work together on everything or send bits and pieces across as they come? 

The process of writing an album is fun/hard work/stressful (at times) and overly satisfying. We actually started the writing process a while back, but now it’s really started to come together nicely and we can see the project finally being realised. We write most tunes together but that can mean that one of us will work on an idea, then we will both work on it if we think it can run.


Are there any particular venues you’re looking forward to playing out at on this US tour?

 Don’t know too much about the actual clubs but on a personal level we are really looking forward to visiting LA & Las Vegas. Really excited now actually!

 How do you like to spend your time off in between shows?

(Nick)  – Studio, exercising/the gym and spending time with my girlfriend and friends and family.

(Garvey) –  Studio & spending time with my friends and family.

 Do you have any funny/strange fan stories?

Not really funny as such, but we do get loads of messages asking us about our Knife Party ‘Lrad’ remix. I mean, we get asked pretty much every day asking when it will be released. Some bordering on slightly aggressive, but it’s cool. We love them all! Haha.

 What’s next ahead of the release of ‘City of Gold’? Is there another single we can look forward to?

Next single in May is forthcoming. That’s all we can tell you about that I’m afraid.

 If you could sum up your sound in three words, what would they be?


Thanks for your time guys, and enjoy the tour! 
Download here: