Jump into the Coachella experience with Doc Hollywood and Ya Boy, two California acts who have been kicking it in the music scene for a good minute, in fact, they have all been representing the Golden State for more years than you have fingers. Doc Hollywood, Too $hort and Dirty Nasty’s “1969” is classic, straight up; and Ya Boy‘s kept it real in San Francisco since 2005, when he dropped his first album on his cousin, San Quinn’s label. With these West coasters together it’s all you could ever want. “Palm Springs Beach House” is a laid-back hip-hop anthem in honor of the music/arts festival. The single is also accompanied by the stream of a nu-disco remix.

The original makes you feel like you are in a Corona commercial, on a beach somewhere in Cali, enjoying the shining sun’s rays and the whispering wind. Whereas the remix makes you feel that way, but in some sort of fantastical lucid dream. Both kick ass; they each ooze the good vibrations that echo out from the Coachella Valley every Spring. With guitar strings strummin’ and the percussion pumpin’, the jam will surely have the most introverted of people humming along to the music. Hopefully they are singing, and even rapping the thing too, because it’s a memorable piece of music. Purchase the original via the link below, then listen to the exclusively streamable remix and enjoy!

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