“Let’s get funky, 80’s style” said Mat Zo one fine morning in his studio. Or at least that’s how I imagine it went with Oldskool Trip. Throw-back vocal sampling and intricate chops accompany grainy synthesis and an unparalleled groove in this free download. Grab it here!

Speaking of free download, Mat Zo took to social media today to announce his new music release system:

Good news, no more waiting around for music! From now on every track will be uploaded to the public on soundcloud as soon as it’s finished.
Not only that but every track will be available for download without any charge.
If even half of the people reading this post download my track, then I will already have reached more people than I would on beatport or itunes. Here is my first release under the new system.
Enjoy 🙂

Which all sounds well and good to us! We simply can’t wait for more free downloads from one of the best producers in the game. It seems like more producers are changing to a free download format due to growing disgust in release schedules, CC Will Sparks.