The Australian producer Will Sparks has taken to Facebook to express his frustrations with business agreements that do not allow him to release music as he would like to. However, Will has managed to toss fans a free download of a track he made a year ago with Jebu, despite any road blocks he may have had along the way. This is the first of many, apparently; Melbourne’s golden boy stated he will release many more in the future. This is by no means the first time this issue has been in place, just ask Dillon Francis or any other artist really.

Unlike his other tracks, “Check This Out” is a big room cut that still maintains some of the bounce that has boosted Will to the level he is at today. In a mere four days it has racked up ninety thousand plays, but that hasn’t come without some slack. Listen for yourself and let us know what your thoughts on it are!

Will Sparks full statement can be found below the Soundcloud player for “Check This Out.”

Free Download