After a weekend of solid partying in Miami for Ultra Music Festival this year with Milk N’ Cookies, I can tell you one thing; these twins know how to turn up that feel-good Summertime vibe we all know you love and eagerly brush your teeth to every morning. I heard this track on loop over the weekend and it never once wore out. Yes, admittedly I was even caught brushing my teeth to it as well.

It’s a fist pumping song that is guaranteed to make you smile that Summer is right around the corner and if that doesn’t then the fact that it’s a Free Download should do the trick. If you need a throwback, also check out their 2012 Remix they did of the same track, which is still just as good, here.

Check out the track below and make sure to give Paul & James a like on their Facebook.

Free Download

“its craftsmanship is utterly stupendous.” – Gil Faizon