Tuesdays tend to have a lot of releases given that it is the industry standard day for that. One of the releases that may find itself near your favorites for the day is the Hopeless Thug EP from Proper Motion that we have the pleasure of premiering today. Comprised of two tracks, this project features one original and one remix of “Seven Bridges Road” by The Eagles. Delving into some gooey glitch hop, you are about to get the proper dosage of bass you need on this Tuesday.

“Hopeless Thug” leans more towards the traditional sound of glitch, with modulated basses ridden throughout the composition. It has a chill vibe, but the edgy sonic qualities give it a little push to make it a danceable single. There’s nothing hopeless about this banger. Same goes for the remix of “Seven Bridges Road” that has a much more DJ friendly sound. Although it is still glitch, the style it portrays is not something you hear often, giving it a special place in the bass world. Hopeless Thug is available for download, so just click the link and follow to snag it!

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