Moments ago The Chainsmokers threw some red meat out on their twitter and the hungry carnivores came out of the shadows to feed on their juicy defense of “selling out.” If you are just joining the conversation, here is a brief synopsis of recent events that are leading up the rant.

On May 15th The Chainsmokers appeared on FOX’s American Idol, which you can watch here. The performance stirred up the ever present criticism that DJ’s are mere ‘button pushers.’ Certainly, it would appear as much considering the video shows the duo pressing play and then leaving the decks to run around and take selfies with the crowd. Most viewers don’t realize that the skill of DJing comes in mixing tracks and track selection, neither of which were required for the brief performance.

A few days later, on May 18th, comedian Andy Samberg and SNL Digital Shorts punked the entire EDM industry with a video that showed a David Guetta / Avicii hybrid DJ playing to an overly entertained crowd while DJ Davincii does everything but mix music (you can check out the short here). How is this related to The Chainsmokers on American Idol? In the span of three days, mainstream television viewers witnessed two high profile instances of DJs looking like glorified iPods.

With these two events fresh on the internet’s mind, The Chainsmokers received the blunt end of the criticism with many people claiming that the American Idol appearance marked the DJ’s selling out. They defended these claims by pointing out that in an often financially unrewarding industry, getting paid provides them with the ability to make more music:


The thread of tweets was then met with responses from some familiar faces:


Who do you think has the better argument? Is there any shame in getting paid or as a counter culture should EDM avoid mainstream success?