Only yesterday the Australian producer who goes by the name Yahtzel released this diamond of a remix to Peking Duk’s “High,” which features the extremely fitting voice of Nicole Millar. From the very second you hit play, you are immersed into feelings of warmth and joy, and you’ll probably even notice a smile make its way across your face by the end of the track. Yahtzel’s chilled-out remix will undoubtedly have you feeling like you are in some sort of tropical paradise doing nothing except absolutely loving life. In addition, the Australian producer does an incredible job of blending the original’s qualities with a texture that is so unique and ultimately creates the perfect mix that retains Peking Duk’s originality while introducing Yahtzel’s easy-going vibe. As flawless as the original is with its awesome beat and rhythm, this remix is just as good of an alternative only with an extremely different sound. Take a second to relax from your daily stresses by taking a listen below.