Now regarded as one of the fastest growing talents in Trance, the breathtaking sound of Solid Stone has been consistantly coursing through the airwaves with many of his recent tracks. As a featured favorite of Max Graham‘s ReBrand label, his recent, unreleased single of Furious was just featured on A State Of Trance 664 and his other unreleased single, On Point, has been a trusty tool in Armin van Buuren‘s highly accredited ‘warm up sets’ during the ASOT 650 celebrations. Additionally, his unique Diversion alias has been performed by the likes of Nick Callaghan, Ruben de Ronde and Basil O’Glue. But where was he during the earlier years of his extensive career? While his sound now resonates between the troughs of Trance and Progressive Trance, Solid Stone was often regarded as a budding Progressive producer at heart, and his luminous sound designs would often capture the hearts of those who actively sought out his hidden music. Today, we have a hidden jewel for you lovely fans in the form of Solid Stone‘s superb ‘On The Beach‘ remix of Anima by Rinat Shabanov and Pavel Polyakov. While it was only officially picked up by Roger Shah on his radio show, the smooth flowing melodies and absolutely gorgeous breakdowns make this a landmark project for Solid Stone‘s distinctive discography.



There is a significant reason why this is referred to as an ‘On The Beach‘ mix as opposed to a regular rework. This special treatment was only featured in one other remix of his and its sound closely connected itself with the ever elusive Balearic movement. In case you are new this term, the Balearic style is a genre that hand caters both Progressive and Trance towards an aquatic-like soundscape by endearing itself to the white sand beaches of the sunny Ibiza islands. In this remix, deep sea basslines and submerged basskicks are perfectly paired with floating Progressive rhythms and graceful synth stabs as the constant inclusion of fluttering arpeggios releases ocean-bound life into this superfluous opening statement. It easily reminds us of the warm sand between our toes and the gentle sea breeze adding a touch of salt to the warm, vibrant air. The breakdown is where the piece truly shines, as each instrument gradually fades away until nothing is left but the beauty of singular tones as the entire soundscape is lost in its own deconstruction. A gorgeous guitar line dips its hand in the water and swirls fluid ripples around the orchestration as the return of snappy percussion, flitting accompaniment lines and intensifying synths return with the smoothest of transitions. Finally, when the power grows beyond the control of the sea, it instantly plunges to the depths before calmly returning to the surface in true, Balearic beauty.

Solid Stone‘s remix of Rinat Shabanov & Pavel Polyakov‘s Anima is now available on Unearthed Records via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy to support this fantastic, upcoming artist!


Keep the music alive. -Q






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