It seems that a music video and free download of “Stranger Sights” was not enough for Sebastian Carter and Henry Green. No, because the deep house producer had to go on and release a full remix EP that is also being given out for free. I certainly am not complaining and I don’t think you will be either. In fact, I’m pretty damn excited that this project got released, especially given it’s $0 pricetag that lacks a Facebook gate. It’s open and ready.

The original already has had its success, but it continues to gain support even to this day (obviously). People just can’t get over the deep sensations. In getting to the remixes, MORRT supplies the first piece and keeps things in a similar arena as the original, although it feels a bit more techy because of the quickened pace and sharp percussive samples. Tydes abides by a hip-hop style that fuses ambient and trap to perfection. It’s utterly sultry and completely satisfying. Certainly the most upbeat piece on the EP is Cudroid‘s. It still has that sort of calm mysterious aura, but this house cut is much more outgoing in its portrayal. All of these gems are available for free, so I suggest you click that download link to keep these in your repertoire.

Free Download