Axwell Λ Ingrosso weren’t lying when they said that music was coming. However, new music is still on deck, but “We Came, We Rave, We Love” is in the batter’s box again, this time coming to the plate freely. As a thank you to fans and a kickstarter for the Axwell Λ Ingrosso project, they are giving away the SHM tune, along with the chance to download the a capella if you are a producer interested in remixing the hit single. Will the dynamic duo take to remixing their old song? Maybe. We can only speculate, but it is quite the possibility since they had the idea of giving this opportunity to producers. Even if they didn’t, they still have music that will be delivered to you at the proper time. For now, suffice yourself with the freebie! Hopefully we get music soon, but if not, you know they will be playing out new material live at Departures.