Adrian Lux‘s next release off of his upcoming EP “Make Out” is finally here. Lauren Conrad, the fourth track of a total six, is a groovy house tune that serves as a great follow up to the premiere single Sooner Or Later, featuring Kaelyn Behr. You can listen to that first release on his Soundcloud here.

Lux‘s upcoming Ultra Music release only gains more momentum with Lauren Conrad. This chill, ambient, deep-house influenced track is pure two-steppin’ heaven. With enchanting female vocals layered beneath airy synths, a haunting feeling is lifted from the listener’s shoulders as the build drops into a throbbing, up-beat bass line. All-in-all, this is a unique and well produced original that will serve to garner even more attention for this already hyped EP, “Make Out,” due out on June 3rd.

Pre-order Adrian Lux‘s full EP “Make Out,” live next Tuesday, on iTunes here!