He’s done it again, folks.  Minnesota is back with another stunning EP.  Voyager is free to download, joining the rest of his collection.  This EP is both a reassurance that Minnesota is still making the music his fans love and a demonstration of his versatility.  It covers ground with multiple genres but always manages to maintain his signature vibes.

Voyager begins with its title track, a powerful song that builds into swooping melodic dubstep.  “Airships” and “Golden Era” transition into a future trap sound while also maintaining Minnesota’s strong revving synths.  “Thunderdome” is a collaboration with G Jones – the first since their Mile High Club EP dropped roughly a year ago.  As always, these two combine seamlessly to produce some of the eeriest, coolest trap music around.

“Paradise” is a departure for Minnesota, opening as ambience and bells and evolving into a happy, bouncy trap tune.  The final track of the EP returns to familiar territory.  “Sail Away” builds with flute and quiet, trancey synths that explode as the song opens up.  After a heavy breakdown, the flute calmly brings Voyager to a close.

You can grab your copy of Voyager for free here!