Starz Angels have already unleashed a beasty bass hit and now they are about to unveil the official video. If you aren’t aware of which track we mean, it’s entitled ‘Up Tonight’ and features the powerful female vocalist Mariana Bell. Catered for Ibiza, Tomorrowland and beyond, ‘Up Tonight’ pushes the limits of your speakers.

Released a couple of months back, we’d been waiting for a pre-summer anthem and Starz Angels certainly delivered one. The introduction rises the adrenaline, with the uplifting vocals delivered in a way that furthers the anticipation, before taking things higher to the drop.



If you love your house big and bursting with party vibes, you will love this.The beat is dominated by an onslaught of bass, the energy levels are high, and the rhythm prominent. It also came alongside a funky, atmospheric House remix from Solberjum.

With this in mind, the Angels’ label Made2Dance are about to drop the pair’s official accompanying video. Designed to get people jumping, it definitely suits the tune’s anthemic theme. They are holding off the full release for a little while longer, but for now check out this teaser and grab a copy of ‘Up Tonight’ here.