The rising champ known as Carnage has been busy as of late. Although only his collaboration with Junkie Kid on Musical Freedom called “Krakatoa” has been released, he has been touring all over the world and teasing his new music at his shows. This week, he unveiled his latest new song “Bricks” with the hip-hop trio Migos.

To be honest, I would not be surprised if this song landed in the upcoming Migos album Y.R.N.2 and the song were to be by Migos and featuring Carnage. It fits all the criteria found in most hip-hop albums for artists such as 2 Chains, Trinidad James, and Juicy J. The rapping is totally atrocious, with lyrics like “I’m asking the b*tch ‘what’s her name?’ she telling me Cinnamon. I want to put all my glaze on you, like a Cinnabon.” The track “Bricks” brings out the all-too familiar attitude that most rap tracks have built for themselves with themes of “making history”, how some people be “tripping”, and creating new words such as “hunnid” (which in English means hundred). This song is better engineered for the ears of Southern hip-hop rather than those of the typical dance music fan. The overall problem with this song is that it does not stand out as a great trap song and instead confines itself as a mediocre hip-hop song. Even with Carnage’s tremendous efforts in the production and saying “this is real trap music… not all of that wanna be rap/trap shit,” it is hard to see it as anything else but that wanna be rap/trap shit.

In short, Carnage has done better and I am sure that he can impress again in the future (as long as he never hires Migos to rap on his music ever again).

Purchase the track on either Beatport or iTunes. If not check out the music video below.