The miraculous talents of Australian Progressive producer LTN has been tirelessly working overtime within the past six months, producing more than 11 different remixes and six different collaborations. Ranging from sweet, translucent Progressive to full on Progressive Trance, there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to stop his scorching production streak. We here at Your EDM have covered LTN many times in the past from his single of Path To Nowhere to his stellar In Between/Haven Place double EP on Arrival Recordings. This time, however, we shift our eyes towards the brilliant minds of Enhanced Progressive for the next chapter in his artistic career. Recently, he released a much harder influenced track on the label entitled Never Ending Highway and while it seemed as though the label itself was gearing towards a higher energy fusion of Progressive Trance and Progressive House, they have pleasantly surprised us with a double Progressive EP entitled Teardrops/Hopes And Fears that contain the serene, emotional presence of the label’s younger years. With a welcome return back to pure Progressive, LTN continues to prove himself as one of the highest talented artists in the scene who consistently hammers each and every release.



LTN- Teardrops (Original Mix)



The beginning of Teardrops starts off a little bit slower than usual, as subtle notes of Downtempo wistfully linger throughout the entire piece. A thick, snake-like bassline parts the seas of the entire soundscape and quickly establishes itself as the focal point of the piece while the sounds of flitting piano ostinatos playfully dances around the section. Peaceful, enchanting Progressive synths are sprinkled throughout the beginning phrase as an instant connection of peace and serenity is directly layered throughout LTN‘s fantastic arrangements. The breakdown is indeed a busy work of art, as the flutters and stammers of various Progressive tones continuously chat away in the background before a warm, inviting piano line gorgeously blankets the overladen chords in smooth, docile tones. Rather than commence with buildups and releases, Teardrops remains innocently static, which faintly adds an intriguing layer of depth towards the piece. Rather than depend on the energy of drops, he instead allows the piece to casually float along the water and grants the melody to leisurely come forth, which lets the listener completely relax, knowing that their ears are in good, stable hands.



LTN- Hopes & Fears (Original Mix)



While we quickly notice a considerable change in tempo for the B-Side of the release, we also discover that Hopes & Fears contains a different character dynamic than Teardrops, and is broader in its depth and execution. The name itself hints at anterior themes that may not be present upon listening, and it is these cues that we must understand in order to fully envelop our minds within this piece. The abstract emotions of ‘Hope’ and ‘Fear’ are polar opposites of each other and as such, are completely on opposite sides of the spectrum. Much like our emotional counterparts, Hopes & Fears also makes subtle changes of its moods in an indecisive manner, switching back and forth between somber, contemplative minor chords and passionate, uplifting major chords. The ‘fear’ aspect is most evident within the main section, as saddened raindrops and sweeping harmonic waves overtake the listener through beautiful moments that contain the slightest hues of downtrodden skies and seas, much like the remembrance of someone lost long ago. The ‘hope’ aspect, on the other hand, is more noticeable in the breakdown, as the resurgence of reassuring piano melodies and major 7th chords awash the soul in moments of clarity and understanding in true, harmonic form. Finally, we also find that while the fears are slowly raining down upon us, we find hope in the dreariest of days, as the return of graceful piano and rushing white noises assures us the promise of better days to come.



LTN‘s fantastic Teardrops/Hopes & Fears double EP will be available tomorrow on Enhanced Progressive via Beatport, so make sure you mark this release in your calendars and support real talent!


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