Fresh off the face of the mighty Edge EDM Records comes two rising Hispanic producers whose blistered, Tech infused productions have been slicing through many recent livesets throughout the world. First up is the Argentinean hero that is Hassan Jewel, whose achievements have been supported by Paul van Dyk, Giuseppe Ottaviani and Manuel le Saux. In 2009, his first official release entitled Ketland was released and it was hand picked to be featured on Trackitdown‘s Top 10 Trance Albums. While his next few releases were featured on Aria Digital, his brand new Tech Trance single of Perception has eventually found its way towards Edge EDM Records. For some reason, it was extremely hard to choose a mix to review this time around, but our ears slowly gravitated towards the incredibly detailed Vlind remix, whose superior sound design completely decimates the entire arrangement. Ranging from Tech Trance to Techno and beyond, this Mexican wonder has gotten great support from Armin van Buuren and Sean Tyas, with Solarstone and Bryan Kearney both showing a particular interest in his abilities. While his specialty is based on crunchy Technical projects, Vlind has decided to showcase his Uplifting character this time around, with his jaw dropping production setting the bar of excellence at a staggering high.


This remix is very different for his usual Modus Operandi, as his normal sound is categorized in two ways: 1. either a combination of Techno and Tech Trance, or, 2. a combination between Tech and Psy with a heightened flair of glitchy behavior. But Vlind seems to have seriously stepped up his game for his interpretation of Perception and is definitely a direction that could evolve into a leading genre of Trance. Within the mix, his sound design most closely represents the Perfecto Fluoro style that drives hard on innovation and futurism, and subtle hints of Activa, John Askew and even John Dopping reside within this detailed composition. Things start to seriously heat up when the breakdown comes in, and while the word ‘epic’ is horribly overused and cliche, it is a quality that one can picture throughout his strengthened string pads and cinematic bass hues. Within the breakdown, an outstanding quote discusses ‘perception’ and ‘pain’, and its essential usage for human survival and the following Breaks section highlights Vlinds brutal arrangement abilities. Finally, the commanding melody takes hold and instantly thrusts us into a powerfully emotional release that weaves through many different chord progressions within its highly advanced timbral associations.

Vlind‘s brilliant remix of Hassan Jewel‘s Perception will be available next week on Edge EDM, so make sure you purchase a copy then and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q