Just about anything Armin Van Buuren touches turns into gold. This makes it somewhat difficult to mess with the King Midas of EDM’s material. However the LA duo, Night Crime proved they were up to the task, with their very recent remix of Armin’s Ping Pong.

Despite showing up to the party just a bit late, Sergio and Carlos have delivered a fire remix. The catchy bassline and its tech inspired percs and tech house stylistic nods make it a release worthy of mention. Night Crime’s gritty sound design packs a load of detuned punch, but sounds fairly unique. Although to be fair, Big Room hasn’t really proved itself to be a genre based on unique sound design. All things aside, it’s a good remix and well.. it’s free. Check it out below


Armin Van Buuren – Ping Pong (Night Crime Remix) [Free Download]