If Jesus was two guys, he’d be Bixel Boys.
Yolanda Be Cool

As a part of their Empire EP, Bixel Boys have recently released the A-side of the project, being the title track. With the B-side coming June 25th, you have plenty of time to play “Empire” on repeat before you start playing “Clutch” in the same fashion. Their first original works of 2014 have been received incredibly well, with numerous producers backing the project like TJR, 3lau, Henry Fong, Astronomar, as well as the people quoted in this article and many more. You’ll understand why in a second; these LA producer’s big room underground sound resulted in some electronic fire. In taking from deep and electro house, the guys crafted a cool tune that’d rock any dancefloor it hit. The intro doesn’t tell you exactly where you are going, but you trust it is taking you somewhere good. Where you arrive is full of opulent bassess and thick pads. Get ready for the underground, because this is your golden ticket there.

Holy Techno! Boys after my own heart. Not afraid of trying anything. Love it.
Anna Lunoe

This EP is really, really solid. “Empire” literally blew me away. These guys are great producers.
Tommy Trash