Well this is some pretty big news, Matthew Adell has just stepped down as the CEO of Beatport. Acquired just a few months ago by SFX Entertainment, Beatport is iTunes’ equivalent in the realm of EDM. Following the acquisition, Beatport had undergone a wide array of changes including a large round of firing, described by those affected as a blood bath:

“[SFX] is not concerned with anything but the store. It was crazy. It was a fucking bloodbath for sure. Some of the people laid off were working there for almost ten years.’ Those include six engineers in SF — essentially the whole office.”

At this point it is still unclear under what conditions Matthew Adell stepped down, whether it was instigated by SFX or out of Adell’s own volition. Adell did take to Twitter to explain that he will now be operating as a consulting agent for SFX and Beatport.

We will be sure to update you as more information is revealed on the matter. We have contacted SFX and Beatport and will add their comment to the article once we receive one.

Source: Matthew Adell’s Personal Website