New York’s inaugural Hudson Project came to an abrupt close this past weekend when the festival was forced to cancel on Sunday due to ominous storms. The Woodstock-inspired festival had a similar ending to the legendary Woodstock in 1994 with the heavy rain. But unlike 20 years ago, this year’s weekend festival shut down on the third day and earned the nickname #MudsonProject. As soon as the cancellation was announced, festival goers weren’t the only ones to express express their disappointment. Sunday’s headliner Bassnectar tweeted:

He mentioned that he’d play at a house party or on a pirate radio station, and even seemed open to putting on a free show for his fans. His retweets of fans suggesting he play at Webster Hall gave a bit of promise, but hopes were ultimately dashed as he stated that there was no venue that could accommodate the crowd or overcome the weather.

Other cancelled acts included Infected Mushroom, Kygo, Oliver, and Paper Diamond. But Bassnectar promised to “avenge [the night] somehow” — and that “somehow” may be during his return to NYC on October 4 at Madison Square Garden.


Photo Credit: Steve C. Mitchell via NY Daily News