After last week’s round of Fresh Face Friday, we are now entering the last week of voting for the weekly phase of July. Once this week of voting ends, the artists that won their round these past three weeks will move on to Fresh Face Friday Monthly. Now without further ado, have a listen to the three tracks listed below and vote for your favorite!

Phiness Featuring Alexa Lusader – Distant Thunder

Residing in Georgia, Phiness’s Distant Thunder single with beautiful vocals from Alexa Lusader is the first track featured this week on Fresh Face Friday. With a dramatic intro featuring rain fall that swoops into a progressively moving synth arrangement accompanied by some inspiring vocals; Distant Thunder hits home. It is clear that Phiness connects with Progressive House as he states, “is such emotional music to me” which is one of the biggest things he tries to portray in his music, emotion!

Phiness on Facebook & Twitter
Vocalist Alexa Lusader on Facebook

Paris Burns – Calypso

Paris Burns is a duo consisting of brothers Dan and Alex of Denver, Colorado. In the track Calypso, it is neither dull nor transparent but apparent that this alias comprised of two heads truly come together to produce a plethora of raw feelings and nostalgia. Primarily pulling inspiration from books and movies, Dan and Alex’s music takes you on a journey that is up for interpretation, but without question leaves you wanting more.

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4Ten – Fantasy

Being the youngest lad of the bunch featured, Max, otherwise known as 4Ten, takes inspiration from huge names such as Kaskade and Daft Punk. 4Ten’s approach to music has gained the interest of many in the industry because of his ability to blend genres like Progressive and Electro House that has the two operating in unison. His newest single, “Fantasy” opens with a soft and heartfelt fade in before introducing carefree vocals and a melody that reminds me of a time when it was just so simple.

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Be opinionated! After hearing all three of the track submissions for this week of Fresh Face Friday; who deserves your vote and to move on to the next phase?

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