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Erick Morillo, a legend in the DJ world for those who appreciate a quality taste, is calling out artists about the way they perform. There has been a huge talk on the web about performers who use electronic means to automate their whole sets. However, not everyone who uses a computer falls into that category.

Morillo made a statement that is really true:

“A lot of these guys aren’t even making their own hit records. It is what it is. This industry has become what it has become, (especially) if you look across the board, not just at dance music.” -Erick Morillo

The music industry has changed a lot through the years, and artists sometimes do not even compose their own tracks. Morillo compared the superstar DJs to artists who would lip sync in the past.

“You go and look at a Calvin show, where he plays all his own records. He is just standing up there kind of doing nothing. It would be great if he put a bit little more oomph into it.”

-Erick Morillo

Even though producers like Calvin Harris do not need to play their best, since they already have a strong following, pressing play is like cheating the crowd. It is the awesome live sets, with their unique mash-ups and all the breaks, that get the crowd to listen to one’s music.

On the other hand, the use of computers in mixing is not a sign that DJs are not doing what they are supposed to. Few examples are Ean Golden and Richie Hawtin, some of the biggest legends in controllerism. Even though they use traktor to conduct their sets, the combination of effects and samples justify their cause.

Next time you see a DJ spin, listen to their set before making comments. They could be using laptops, but they might be rocking the crowd.