You hear about two and three day events, which are totally exhausting, but what if there was a 24 hour rave? How do you think that would be? Probably pretty equally exhausting since it does not stop. For anyone who is looking for a raver challenge, The 24 Hour Rave Experiment will be that challenge, however don’t feel too bad if you don’t make it the full day, because that is kind of the point. This charity event will be held at The Rainbow Complex in England, where strict rules will be in place regarding entry and exit. Once you exit, or you are caught asleep at the venue – which will mean you get booted from the grounds – your money goes straight to Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Tickets will be £24 (how fitting) and if you are one of the people who happen to make it the full 24 hours, you will be reimbursed. For those with big hearts, I’m sure there is a way you can wave that.

No acts have been announced, however the event states there will be music from pretty much every genre, but let’s not get too carried away and specific with that though. Tickets are currently on sale, which you can buy below. If you happen to go, then you are required to show up before 12PM on September 20th; you are not allowed to enter late. Don’t worry about food or getting some chill time, as there will be at least ten rooms of music, outdoor stages, a beach and a food court. I’d presume this to be pretty successful, so hopefully more of these types of events will pop up in the future!

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Source: Skiddle