Patrick Reza and KNAME‘s remix of “Tom Ford” is just about as big as Jay-Z himself. Even though I may just be hyperbolizing a bit, you’ll see why such a bold statement could be made. Everything about this one does it for me. First thing, that synth is just absurd in the best way possible. The bass, grotesque and beautiful all at the same time. It’s got kicks so husky that Riff Raff may just have to get a piece of them. The flow of the song from beginning to end is perfect; each phrase has its own unique features, yet all the details are placed perfectly as though they were fated to be there. In the coming weeks, when someone asks me to send them some good trap, this is what I am going to be sending those persons. You’ll be wanting to have this one for yourself, so click the link below to get the download for free.

Free Download