Dubvirus is nothing if not a versatile producer. While his signature sound lends itself to heavy, crunked out tunes, his more mellow creations are just as entrancing. It’s that chill, melodic style of his we bring you today with a stellar remix of Brooklyn Shanti‘s ‘Something Beautiful’.

The track is a unique collision of styles, with famed Bollywood actress Evelyn Sharma making her singing debut as a featured vocalist. ‘Something Beautiful’ is meant to be an anthem of self-empowerment and Dubvirus emphasizes this by giving the vocals room to breathe; Evelyn‘s gorgeous voice shines over resonant 808 bass lines and airy, ambient synth pads. Dubvirus did a lot with very little here, absolutely nailing that minimalistic, chillwave vibe; basically, it’s the perfect track to start your week with.

While the original mix of ‘Something Beautiful’ appears on Brooklyn Shanti‘s album BedstuyleDubvirus‘ remix is part of a special EP release for the track. The EP also includes remixes from Subatomica and Brooklyn Shanti himself. Peep the Dubvirus remix below and cop the full release on Bandcamp.


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