Earlier today, two of bass music’s most promising up-and-coming duos, Twofold and Dr. Ozi, released their first ever collaboration EP on Buygore Records. And if we’re lucky, there will be many more to come. The two track “Correlations EP” is rife with some of the dirtiest drops and gnarliest growls I’ve heard in a long time; anyone who says “dubstep is dead” clearly have no idea what they’re talking about and this EP is all the proof you’ll need! We had the chance to sit down with these two dynamic duos to talk about everything from the the current state of bass music, what it’s like like be working with such a prestigious label, and more! Check it out below!

PURCHASE: Beatport

How did the idea for this collab EP first come about?

TWOFOLD: We won an eBay auction to collab with them.

OZI: Ha!

TWOFOLD: I have no idea actually…Oh, we liked their song “Look Away” and then they won the Firepower remix competition for our track “Skyfire”. We talked and it just led to the collab.

OZI: I think that’s exactly how, one of our managers put us together in a group message, we talked and became BFFLS.  They sent us Synergy and ideas were just thrown at each other like Steve Aoki and his cake.

TWOFOLD: Actually it was our love for Romeo and Juliet (the Leonardo DiCaprio version) that brought us together in high school drama.

Both Dr.Ozi and Twofold are duos, did having four people working together make production more difficult?

OZI: Pffft smooth like butter actually, I can’t even believe it wasn’t butter.  All four of us click in pretty well.

TWOFOLD: Yeah exactly.  Hence the Synergy/Parallel titles and Correlations EP.

What was it like working together? Did you guys just send stuff back and forth or did you actually go into the studio? 

OZI: Welp we do live in three different damn countries.

TWOFOLD: Yeah I’m in Cali, the other half of Twofold is in the UK and Dr. Ozi is in Canada.

OZI: The tracks were sent back and forth using Dropbox and WeTransfer so it was pretty convenient.  We don’t have time to get in the studio together as US Adam is busy hunting, UK Adam is tired from speaking in English except to Russians.  And Chris and I are busy making igloos with hockey sticks.

Twofold, this is your first release on Buygore, and Ozi this is your second. How does it feel to be putting music out on one of bass music’s most respected labels? 

TWOFOLD: It’s really cool, we’ve all worked really hard to get to this point so it feels right to be releasing with them.

OZI: For us, Buygore has done nothing but help us rise as artists. This second release is huge for everyone. Being on the same label as Borgore, Kennedy Jones, Ookay and many others is honestly amazing.  This release feels like finding out about the Jennifer Lawrence scandal. Just awesome.

TWOFOLD: Oh yeah a big shout out to Jennifer Lawrence, thanks for everything.

How do you guys feel about that Beatport graph that showed dubstep as the least popular genre right now? What do you do to stay motivated when everyone in the scene is claiming that “dubstep is dead?”

OZI: Dubstep is not dead.  We have some loyal and genuine fans who will listen to us no matter what.  We consider ourselves to be bass music producers because that covers more genres like glitch hop, drum and bass, dubstep.. anything and everything to do with bass.  Lots of people feel the same way, they just want to listen to heavy bass music.  Dubstep is just that.  I think our surroundings and friends keep us pushing forward.  Everyone in the bass culture, including Twofold, is extremely supportive.  There are a lot of people in the scene who are so motivated and optimistic about the genre, they definitely help to motivate us as well.

TWOFOLD: I would say that the Beatport graph is only one indicator of the popularity of a musical genre.  Many artists in dubstep are keen on free music as an outlet and there is also a huge culture for leaks and file sharing anyway in the scene.  The shows are still getting huge turnouts, so it can’t be in that bad health!

OZI: We can confirm that, because we’re doctors.

What can we expect to see from you over the rest of the year? Any more collabs for us to keep an eye out for? 

OZI: We have another EP coming up soon with Audiophile. And we want to work more with Twofold, and probably Britney Spears. Hopefully a tour, we are dying to play some more shows in the US.

TWOFOLD: Lots of good stuff coming from us as well and we’re already working on a followup EP with Dr. Ozi.