The boys who call themselves dOpe Tendencies are here with Free Brain Friday Vol. 2. Sure, it’s Wednesday, but don’t you want it to be Friday? Especially if it is free, I mean c’mon. With how slick these six tracks are too, you won’t mind. If you happen to be someone who is looking for moombahton (or zouk), then you’ll be pleased to have come here and find the remixes of “Machucando” and “Bad Ass,” along with the original “Murder Dem” (which is straight fire). “Get Rich” caught a solid remix by the duo, whose hip hop sound is similar to the edit of “All I Blow Is Loud,” however, the former is much more lighthearted. Both amazing, and both show off dOpe Tendencies‘ creative flexibility. You can download each track for free through the player below. Have a list, download and share!