Music videos have always struggled to find common ground with the music they portray – some get it right, a lot don’t. EDM in particular has had a difficult time with music videos, as there is often a lack of meaning or story behind tracks that needs to be portrayed. Instead, you end up with videos like Xilent’s ‘Boss Wave’ that are just fun to watch, but don’t really tell a story.

This Friday, Shapeshifter and The Upbeats combine their production powers on SSXUB EP, a heavy drum & bass release that is set to do one thing only – slay the dancefloor. It sounds cliche, but once you actually get a taste of the EP, you won’t be disagreeing. As a lead-up to the release, they are releasing a music video to their single ‘Bloodstream.’ Its interesting mix of live action, CGI and cell-shading is a feast for the eyes, and the music certainly keeps up the energy, as well.

You can pre-order the EP right now HERE.