There are few artists with a sound as infectious as SirensCeol. His previous album, The Method to the Madness, was just released this March and he still manages to come out with this incredible new EP. It sounds as though he has taken a lot of influence from Seven Lions with this one, creating a very melodic and soothing, uplifting electro-house sound. I’m sure if I asked him, SirensCeol would say that it’s difficult to put his own music into any existing genre, but we’ll go with that for right now.

Vocalists are the driving force behind this EP, as Aloma Steele and Jeff Sontag lend their prowess to the release. I’ve always personally believed that vocals provide another dimension to tracks, another layer that just isn’t accessible without a voice driving the rhythm. It’s honestly another instrument, and probably the hardest one to get right. But SirensCeol’s long relationship with Steele, and Sontag’s own professionalism, are just the right combination to help this release soar high into the charts.

Each track is expertly produced and feels unique as a part of the EP, but the work as a whole is some of SirensCeol’s best. I can’t wait to see what he’s going to put out next, as well as his new project FutureFreqs. Check out The Method to the Love EP below.