You all aren’t ready for this … FutureFreqs is the love child of three amazing, talented performers/producers, namely — Aloma Steele, Jonah Wei-Haas, and Stephen Burke (aka SirensCeol). This undertaking is a way to bring electronic music back to its roots with song-based chord progression and innovative sound designs. Steele’s work on vocals will no doubt prove to be an invaluable resource as she gives another dimension to the music and solidifies the group’s position as songwriters, rather than strictly producers.

Our goal is to bring forth a new spectrum of music – from electronic to acoustic. We strive to offer a variety of sound, all performed live and in real time. Please join us on our journey!

The melding of jazz, progressive and electronic sounds in the track create an envelope of sound that you can utterly lose yourself in. As part of the new venture, every track they release will have an accompanying live performance like the one below. If Haywyre’s live performance of his ‘Smooth Criminal’ edit was any indication, people will go nuts for the live aspect and demand more.