UPDATE: Apple has told Re/code that Beats isn’t being “shuttered”, but sources familiar with the situation say “It may, however, modify it over time, and one of those changes could involved changing the Beats Music brand.”

According to tech blog Tech Crunch today, multiple sources have confirmed that Apple, Inc. will be shelving Beats Music, the platform responsible for streaming music under the Beats name. This decision comes just four months after Apple acquired Beats and all of its platforms back in May.

The fact that the new iPhones did not come pre-installed with Beats Music, while several other Apple apps came loaded on the 6 and 6 Plus, should have been a red flag. There was also nothing said about Beats Music during the Apple Watch reveal, even though the service’s radio and fire-and-forget playlists could work well on a wearable.

It seems like this had been decided for a long time, but has only just now come to light thanks to “several prominent employees at Apple and Beats.” However, it is not clear yet what Apple will do with the streaming service that Beats Music had provided in the past.

Fear not, the popular Beats headphones will not be affected by this change.

For more information, visit Tech Crunch.