The outspoken duo of  Milk N Cookies, known for tweets such as “If I don’t get someone pregnant ASAP I’m gonna be peeved rick” and “I’m gonna start a tumblr called ‘hot bitches in roshes’ just babes in roshes bout to like scale a climing walls or some ghey shit” have released 2 killer VIPs of classic songs that they have been using in their sets. The first is an edit that combines the ever lovable Backstreet Boys with the well known duo of Merk and Kremont to create something that is sure to equally please the fans of the Backstreet Boys (which lets be honest, is basically everyone) and lovers of electro house. The second edit features a downpitched “Lose yourself” by Eminem leading into Tchami’s “Turn It up” to create an edit that is possibly too deep for even DJ Hanzel.

Milk N Cookies are all about having a good time and that’s reflected in these 2 VIP Edits, which you can download for free below.